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articles & essays

Philosophy Now

The New Athiests

Pacific Church News

Birthing the Word with Novelist Laurie King

A Changeable Feast, pt. 1: Thanksgiving and Eschatalogical Threads

A Changeable Feast, pt. 2: Incarnational, Metabolist, and Divinization Threads

A Changeable Feast, pt. 3: Mystery and Sacrifice Threads

A Changeable Feast, pt. 4: Realist, Real Presence, and Spiritualist Threads

Presence: The Journal of Spiritual Directors International

Three Modes of Interfaith Spiritual Direction

Companioning People with Dementia (with Rita Hansen and Robert B. Williams)

Generational Ministry: Spiritual Guidance for the Five Generations Alive Today

The Gnostic Generation: Understanding and Ministering to Generation X

The Way of Non-Direction: Insights on Spiritual Direction from the Tao Te Ching

Six Archetypes for Spiritual Guidance (with Lisa A. Fullam)

The Year 2000 "Best of the Web" for Spiritual Direction (with Lyle Kesecker-Dotson)

Three Modes of Interfaith Spiritual Direction (to see a pdf version, click here)

Reflective Practice

Interfaith Ministerial Formation at the Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministry

Not the Same: Online Spiritual Direction, Supervision, and Training

The Way

Homecoming: Helping Xers Move from Alienation to Conversion

Unpublished Articles

Embracing Celibacy, Chastity, and Virginity

The Way of the Twin: Rediscovering a Uniquely Jewish School of Buddhism

Generation X: Rebels without Applause